Welcome to The Forked Ring,

Thank you so much for checking out my website. I am a food-obsessed aspiring chef and artist from Maine and recent college graduate.

During my study abroad program in Cambodia, I found a silver fork-shaped ring in a restaurant gift shop. I wear it everyday to symbolize my immense passion for food. I used to wear it on my wedding finger and told people I was “married to food” but¬†promptly moved it to my right hand when I was asked if I was engaged.

This website is a collection of my culinary experiments and attempts to create art from delicious food, centering around a main “hero” ingredient. My favorite show of all time is Masterchef Australia, and this is my take on the “invention test,” a challenge to make a dish out of a specific ingredient. Coming soon I will also attempt the “mystery box” challenge and recreate “pressure test” dishes from world-renowned chefs.

I welcome any and all suggestions for ingredients you would love to see as the spotlight of my next dish. I’m so delighted to have you on this journey with me. Stay tuned for new delicious dishes!